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Long time no news post. I thought you might like to read on some updates:

Minecraft 1.11.2 Server Updates

All servers have been updated to Minecraft 1.11.2 for a while now. The MonsterIndustries server just recently, we had to change a lot of the map’s redstone and command-blocks to get it running on the new version (thanks to Sasko).
For the future: Depending on the size of upcoming Minecraft updates, it can take us between a few days and several weeks to update. Bugfix updates usually happen really fast. We often run partial updates: While the Survival server needs a lot of testing for new versions, TC Dropper can normally be updated within a few days. The best place for quick news on Tallcraft updating and update-progress is Twitter @Tallcraft.

Discord & Teamspeak

But wait! There is more! Discord!
As you might have already heard, we now have a Discord server! This is ment to replace our old TeamSpeak server for (voice-) chat. While Teamspeak was fun while it lasted, Discord is free (of course), much more modern and easier to use. You can use it straight from your browser, or install a desktop / mobile client.
We also did some magic, and connected TC Survival and TC Creative chat to chat-channels on Discord! That means, you can chat with people on the server, even when you’re not logged in to Minecraft or also on your mobile.
Click here to connect to Discord

Edit: The old Teamspeak server has been shut down.

Staff Team

Even more? Yup. Changes in the staff team:
Some of our inactive staff were asked to leave the staff-team to make room for new members. That’s why staff-applications for the position of moderator are currently opened. You may apply here.
So far, we have chosen a new Moderator, Razew, welcome!

Thanks to Thierrycool for organizing last years Secret-Santa christmas-event! Also, big thanks to all the people donating and supporting us, especially around new year! This keeps me and the other staff members motivated to keep this amazing project running. We started in 2011, incredible, isn’t it?

If you have questions and/or feedback please let me know on the forum.

Best Regards,
Tallcraft – Paul


Minecraft 1.10 has been released and all servers have been updated! Find yourself some cute polar bears.
While we highly recommend updating to the latest 1.10 version, the servers support anything in the range of 1.10.X.
All changes: Minecraft 1.10 changelog

Please report any bugs you experience in game via /report or send us an e-mail.


Update: All servers have been updated to 1.9!
Pets have been disabled for now. They will be back soon.

Minecraft 1.9 has been released. Read all about it here

When will Tallcraft be updated?

We will update our servers to 1.9 when they are stable. That means: Some will be updated earlier, some might stay on 1.8 for a bit longer.
You can’t seem to connect to one of our servers? Check this post for updates or try it with either 1.8 or  1.9.

How can I play on 1.8 servers?

You can select the version of Minecraft you want to start in the launcher. Detailed instructions on how to do this here

Latest updates on Twitter,  our Forum and the Status Page.

Dropper Map Collection
Tallcraft Dropper is a collection of custom dropper maps, currently the collection consists of 30 unique dropper maps. We will add more maps regularly.

Play the maps on our server and get early access to upcoming maps:


Recommended Minecraft-settings:
– Brightness setting: bright
– Render distance setting: far
– Clouds: OFF

Downloads and more Information on Minecraft Forum



We have updated our MonsterIndustries server! Special thanks to Sasko who puts a lot of work into this awesome game.
Play now: or /server mi


–    Fixed SPREAD THE LOVE feature
–    Fixed bug when game does not end when one team reaches the target score
–    Added new feature – BUNNY ATTACK foul tactic (unleash killer bunnies on enemy team)
–    Changed SNEAK OUT feature (instead of lowering own team stock balance, enemy them gains 50 stock)
–    Improved player target selector when joining a team before start of the game
–    Added option to disable/enable foul tactics before start of the game
–    Added option to disable/enable buying of stock before start of the game (edited)

7/18/2015 – Version 1.6.1
–    Players who disconnect during the game will now be put back in game
–    Lowered health points for killer bunnies from 25 to 10
–    Reduced waiting time before game starts to 20s.
–    Players who leave / disconnect from a running game can re-join.

7/20/2015 – Version 1.6.2
–    Added new feature – HAUNTED HOUSE foul tactic (infest enemy house with ghosts)
–    Added activity room (for players to keep busy while waiting for next game)

7/21/2015 – version 1.6.3
–    Fixed glitch when sometimes slaves stop producing paper due to server lag
–    Replaced minecart based messaging system with command block based one
–    Various security fixes

Original map & idea by Tree Puncher.