Minecraft 1.7.7 Update

Quick update: Minecraft 1.7.7 was released in preparation for the ability to change Minecraft-usernames which will be enabled by Mojang in the near future. Some new skin-features are also on the way! 1.7.7 Changelog FAQ: Skin-changes Feel free to update as the server already runs 1.7.7 and report any problems via /modreq See you online! […]

Wilderness 3

Wilderness 3 1

The wilderness was moved. Check it out! /wilderness


The Wilderness-warp was moved! Enjoy fresh, unclaimed land, this time in a “Taiga”-biome.  

Wilderness 2



The portalroom for our new survival-world is now opened! It’s located right at the survival-spawn, teleport there with /cityportal We haven’t got many cities in the new network yet so be sure to apply with yours! A city-portal will bring more citizens to your city and make it grow. How to apply: Stand in the […]

Minecraft 1.7.4

A new version of Minecraft has been released coming with various bug fixes but also a Twitch-integration which you can use to set up a livestream right from your game. Full Changelog As this update does not require servers to update Tallcraft is fully compatible with it, feel free to update.

Twitch Integration for Minecraft

Tallcraft 1.7.2

Tallcraft 1.7.2 4

After weeks of waiting finally a stable server-built has been released for 1.7. We are happy to announce that Tallcraft was successfully updated to 1.7.2! A new world will be created in the next days for this new update coming with a lot of world-changes. But don’t worry, the old world will stay, you will […]

Minecraft 1.7 1

Yesterday Minecraft 1.7 was released, it comes with, of course, many bug fixes, but also with new items, new biomes and new world-generation options like “Amplified” (image above). You can find the full change-log here. Tallcraft is not yet updated to 1.7 as we are still waiting for a stable 1.7 server-version to be released, […]

MC 1.7


Wilderness Moved

The wilderness-warp was moved to new lands so you can play on some fresh, unwasted land. Please set a home if you want to stay (/sethome) as the wilderness is being moved regularily! Use this command to teleport to the wilderness: /wilderness Best Regards Tallcraft

1.6.4 Updated 1

Tallcraft was recently updated to Minecraft-version 1.6.4. If you are still running on an older version please make sure to update in order to play. Best Regards Tallcraft